At Baraka Certified Translations, we believe we must all work together to embrace sustainability. As part of our environmental responsibility policy, we undertake to plant a tree for each translation in the name of each client but also planting enough trees each month to offset all of our employee’s CO2. And, in collaboration with Tree-Nation, from this month all the CO2 emissions our website generates are being compensated.

Every year, a website releases several kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When a website is used, data is transferred to and processed in remote servers. The electricity consumed by these servers and by our computers accounts for 2% of the world’s air pollution, as much as the airline industry!

For this reason, Tree-Nation have developed the “Net Zero Website label”, a simple tool that can make any website CO2 neutral. Tree-Nation algorithm obtains an accurate estimation of the CO2 emissions of our website. Then, the system automatically calculates the trees that need to be planted to offset that amount and this information is transmitted to the planters along with the funds required to plant the trees.

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On the other hand, the Tree-Nation “Net Zero Team” service allows us to offset all the CO2 emissions of our company that are related to our team. The “Net Zero Team” service covers activities such as using electricity at work, food, small office material, short distance team travel, and occasional long-distance travels. Each month, the required amount of trees will be planted on behalf of our team.

This way, we aim to cover all your CO2 emissions of Baraka Certified Translations.

You are welcome to check the impact of Baraka’s Forest, and you can also participate to the reforestation project, by planting your own tree!

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Aisha Barbara Farina, BSc (Hons), BAIS, MCIL