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In the UK, a Certified Translation by an accredited Agency, like Baraka Certified Translations, is often enough for many universities, corporations, Home Office, HMRC, NARIC, banks or other official bodies.

However, sometimes you may need one of our other services. For example, for some documents notarised translation will be needed. Notarisation refers to signing and stamping of any legal document, by a recognised Notary Public, certifying that the document is authentic or an exact copy.  The types of documents that need the notarisation include the following: Power of Attorney, Affidavit Declaration, Adoption Documents, Company Registration documents, Probate/Inheritance.

Usually for notary translation services original documents are required to be sent to us by Special Delivery. However, firstly to obtain a competitive quote, please send a copy of your original documents by email. Notarisation is normally carried out on the same day. However, this may vary depending on the number of documents and their complexity. We offer a full range of notary translation services both to individual customers and businesses, and provide a high quality, fast and efficient service.

If you still have questions, or to get a competitive quote, please contact us today, and we will be happy to help you, determining what your required type of translation is and sorting problems related to it.

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