The Easiest Way to Get Your Documents Legalised

If you are going to use British documents overseas, for business or personal reasons, you may be asked to have your documents legalised before they can be accepted.

You will need an Apostille Certificate, also known as the Hague Apostille, confirming the authenticity of the signature and the capacity in which the person signing the document has acted. The process of obtaining an Apostille is called Legalisation. However, you can forget the bureaucracy: Baraka Certified Translations will take care of the tedious process for you.

Our professional will first check if your document is ready to be legalised. Most of the times, for documents like Birth or Marriage Certificate, the Legalisation (FCDO Apostille) will be enough for acceptance by Consulates and Embassies. However, for some particular documents, including Power of Attorney, Adoption Certificate, or Inheritance documents, you may need to first have them certified by a Solicitor or Notary Public. In this case, our trusted Solicitors and Notaries can take care of certifying your documents, too. As professionals, we offer a free Consultation, to provide the right service to you.

At Baraka Certified Translations, we are committed to provide a speedy and complete Legalisation Service to enable UK Documents to be correctly accepted overseas and from Embassies and Consulates. Your documents will be legalised through the FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) in around 5 working days.

Baraka’s Apostille Service costs £50, including government fees and recorded delivery to any UK address. You can also order your documents via international airmail or courier for an additional fee. You will only need to send us your original document, and we will make the legalisation process fast and simple. Otherwise, you are welcome to visit our office to drop or pickup your legalised documents in person.

In addition to this, we can translate your documents in your target language; in this way, you will not need to send them to different Agencies and Companies, in order to be notarised, legalised, and then translated.

If you need to find out more about how to legalise your documents, you are welcome to contact us!

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