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Names are incredibly powerful and a crucial part of our identity. In the United Kingdom, one can decide to legally change his or her name, simply by executing a Deed Poll. Today, you can simply apply online, through agencies like Baraka UK Deed Poll, and you will receive your Deed Poll documentation by post, the day after! You will only need to sign your Deed Poll in presence of a witness (i.e. a friend), and notify all the relevant government departments, including your Bank, the DVLA, HMRC, College or University, etc. to change to your new name all your records.

85,000 people changed their name by deed poll in 2015, more than twice as many as a decade before. People change their name or surname (or both) for many reasons.


Contrary to popular belief, a woman’s surname does not automatically change to her husband’s surname upon marriage.  It is the woman’s personal choice what she want her surname to be. She can continue using her maiden surname, take her husband’s surname, or change it to a double-barrelled surname, linking both the couple’s surname by a hyphen or keeping them separate, e.g. Bennet-Darcy or Bennet Darcy. In all these cases, a Deed Poll will guarantee that the new surname or double-barrelled surname will be accepted by all the government departments, companies and financial institutions.


Upon divorce, many women decide to revert to their maiden name.  This can be accomplished by Deed Poll, too. Also, separated women (who took their husband’s surname upon marriage) do not have to wait until their divorce is finalised before they can revert to their maiden name.  A woman has the right to change her surname at any time, and revert to her maiden name (or to a new name entirely) by Deed Poll.


A number of studies have found that there is a big bias against job applicants with foreign sounding names. For this reason, there is an increase in people anglicising their name in order to avoid discrimination, particularly when looking for a job. Others just prefer a name that is easier for people to say and to spell. Many customers told Baraka UK Deed Poll that they wanted to change their name after becoming British citizens, to “start a new life.” People from all walks of life are doing this.


Many people decide to change their name when converting to another religion. This is – for example – the case with many Muslims, who decide to add an Arabic name to their original name, or to change it entirely.


Others changed their name in honour of football stars, singers or actors. There are also people who decide to change their name to honour or recognise another person, for example a family member or ancestor, a friend, or a teacher who made a difference in their life. One can decide to restore a family surname that has been changed in the past. Finally, there are people who simply like to play with their names; one couple decided to be known as Mr & Mrs Amazing!


In some cases a change of name will break the law in different ways and it will not be accepted by HM Passport Office. Baraka UK Deed Poll will refuse a Deed Poll application with any name that:

  • is vulgar, offensive or blasphemous
  • we have reason to believe is chosen with the intention of committing fraud
  • is (potentially) against the law — for example, anything that promotes racial or religious hatred, derides minority groups, or promotes the use of drugs
  • is trade-marked, or subject to copyright, e.g. Coca Cola, or Asda
  • is a combination of names which makes up a phrase or saying not normally considered to be a name, e.g. Happy Birthday, or See You Later
  • is a presumed title — that is, a first name that gives the impression that you have a title, such as Lord, Baron, or Princess


Join the thousands who have already applied for a Deed Poll to change their name. Fill in our Application Form and securely pay online. You will only pay £15, and your Deed Poll will be posted to your address within 24 hours, by recorded delivery, free of charge.

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Aisha Barbara Farina, BSc (Hons), BAIS, MCIL
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